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March 18, 2020

While the season is on delay, we are excited to share this special episode with you all. 

Today is the 25th anniversary of Michael Jordan's infamous "I'm Back" fax that turned the NBA upside down. To go back in time with this episode Tim called on Lance McAlister who was working as a member of the Chicago media at the time. 

Lance takes you through the entire timeline of the Jordan retirement saga. From winning their third strai...

March 6, 2020

 (Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports)

Tim and Taylor recap the two most interesting games in college basketball this past week including the Big East showdown between Seton Hall and Villanova, and discuss Kentucky's loss to Tennessee at home. Also, the guys go through some of the conference tournaments, predict the winners and identify the sleepers.

March 4, 2020

(Photo Courtesy of the New York Post)

This week on 48 Minutes Tim and Sean deep dive into:

  • LeBron vs Zion and the future of the Pelicans!

  • The 8 Seed in the West!

  • The Bucks are the Real Deal!

March 2, 2020

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

On this week's Shot Callers, Ben and Josh hit on:

  • Giannis and Harden's Beef!

  • Should Steph Play?

  • Ja Morant is a Star!

February 28, 2020

 (Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports)

After a few months off, @Large Bid finally returns! Tim and Taylor deep dive into the state of college Basketball to discuss what teams are actually good, how many teams each conference gets in the tournament and what teams actually can win the NCAA Championship.

February 5, 2020

 (Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

This week Tim and Sean discuss the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend and give you our trade deadline preview!

January 16, 2020

(Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports)

Tim and Sean get together to discuss:

  • SGA's Historic Triple-Double

  • Jimmy Butler doing Jimmy Butler things

  • Zion & Oladipo returning....We got these dates wrong though

January 15, 2020

(Photo Courtesy of Desmond Fischer of Xavier Newswire)

On this week's episode of @Large Bid Tim is joined by Xavier beat writer Adam Baum of the Cincinnati Enquirer to discuss all things Big East. We break down what we've seen from the teams so far, who we expect to win the conference and how many Big East teams will be in the NCAA Tournament this year?

January 13, 2020

 (Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

Shot Callers returns! This week Ben and Josh go through some interesting NBA topics including:

  • Chris Paul is still really good

  • Kevin Durant vs Kendrick Perkins

  • Markelle Fultz resurgence

  • John Beilein's "slugs" remarks

 **New music provided by Kreech with "City Got My Back"**


January 7, 2020

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

Welcome to 2020 everyone! We are back from the holidays and excited to talk some NBA Basketball! Tim and Sean break down all the news and action that has been going on since they took off including:

- Kevin Love flips out on the Cavs!

- Trade rumors!

- All-Star weekend!

- What is going on with Kyrie?

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