• Tim Daniel

Highlights of the BIG3 Media Call: Week 7

As the BIG3 gets ready to play at it's upcoming event in Lexington, KY this Sunday, 48 MINUTES (formerly known as the Corner 3) was fortunate enough to get an invitation to participate on the media conference call with hip hop legend Ice Cube, former NBA player Roger Mason Jr., co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz, and CEO Amy Trask. Here are some of the major highlights:

*BIG3 major attraction, Allen Iverson will be suspended from this week's tournament in Lexington after no showing last week's event in Dallas, Texas.

*Former UC Bearcats Kenyon Martin, Ruben Patterson, DerMarr Johnson and James White were recognized for playing college ball within the tri-state.

*Andre Owens was named the BIG3 Player of the week for his great performance in Dallas last week.

*Paul McPherson has been signed to "Power".

*Discussion of this week's big games in Lexington as the 8 teams continue to fight for spots.

We look forward to seeing what the BIG3 has in store this Sunday down at Rupp Arena in Lexington.

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