• Tim Daniel

*UPDATED*Air Zoom Generation Making a Return?

As far as signature sneakers go, many fans have begged Nike for the release of the "Air Zoom Generation" or as others call it, the "LeBron 1's."

Well look no further! This morning J23 IPhone App's twitter posted a color code that looks to be the same colorway for the shoes known as the, "first game" (which technically weren't the right colors of LeBron's first-game shoes, but that's neither here nor there).

Nike released the shoes in  early 2017, a year after LeBron James himself announced their return on a video for "Uninterrupted" but they sold out in minutes.

The shoes are Quick Strike and the release date has yet to be announced.

Updated August 5th:

"J23 iPhone App" has updated the news on the show to show that the release will be on August 26 retailing at $175

Source: https://twitter.com/J23app


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