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48 Minutes Games: 2K Sports Announces All-Time Teams for NBA 2K18

2K Sports announced earlier today that NBA 2K18 will feature All-Time Teams for all 30 NBA franchises. The All-Time rosters will consist of some of the best players throughout history on their respective teams. While no specific players and affiliations were announced, one can assume the wishlist is a long one.

The announcement comes one day after EA announced a 33% discount for those that pre-order NBA Live 18 at selected retailers, as well as the announcement made earlier this month that Live 18 will include the WNBA roster. The rivalry and competition between the respective franchises seems to be heating up as we get closer to their releases.

Image courtesy of 2KSports

NBA 2K18 launches on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 19th. For more information, be sure to keep coming back to www.48MinutesNetwork.com

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