• Tim Daniel

Podcast: Interview w/ Portland Trail Blazer, Pat Connaughton

The NBA Finals have come and gone but don't worry because now the real fun begins! Tim and Sean are thrilled to be joined this week by Portland Trailblazers guard Pat Connaughton where we discuss his big steps last season, life as a restricted free agent, how awesome the Baltimore Orioles have been with having his MLB draft rights and if the 2015 Notre Dame/Kentucky Elite 8 game is one of the 10 best games of the last decade. Pat's interview kicks off the show and you won't want to miss it! Also, Tim and Sean discuss the Warriors dynasty, where the Dubs place among the best teams in NBA history, LeBron's Legacy at 3-6 in the Finals, options for LeBron's future, Kyrie potentially playing with LeBron again in Boston, Kyrie leaving Boston, Paul George and the ever changing stay or go in OKC and Duane Casey signing with the Pistons.

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