• Tim Daniel

48 Minutes Podcast: New York Knicks 2018-19 Season Preview w/Special Guest, Andrew Claudio of Nothin

(Photo courtesy of USA Today)

Lets hear it for New York! It's Knicks season preview time here on 48 Minutes!

Tim Daniel and Sean Mackey are joined by Nothing but Knicks host Andrew Claudio to discuss everything in the world of the Knicks.

Tune in as the guys discuss:

- Kevin Knox impact on the Knicks!

- David Fizdale as the new coach!

- What to expect from Kristaps Porzingis (if anything) this year!

- Enes Kanter's season!

- The chances Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Jimmy Butler end up with the Knicks in 2019-20!

+ Much more!

Be sure to give Andrew a follow @ClaudioGSN


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