• Tim Daniel

48 Minutes Podcast: Cleveland Cavaliers 2018-19 Season Preview w/Special Guest, Joe Brett for King J

(Photo Courtesy of Fear the Sword)

When you discuss teams in transition, look no further than the Cleveland Cavaliers. After 4 straight trips to the NBA Finals, LeBron James leaves the Cavs and the new era is officially upon us.

Join Tim Daniel as we talks the Cavs with Joe Brett where they discuss:

  • Life without LeBron and Cavs fans reaction to King leave town....again!

  • Drafting Collin Sexton!

  • Kevin Love's HUGE Contract Extension!

  • Larry Nance's future contract!

  • When will the Cavs get the Klutch Sports contracts off the books?

  • Is Ty Lue a good coach + much more!

Be sure to follow Joe on twitter @JBrettNBA


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