• Tim Daniel

48 Minutes Podcast: Washington Wizards 2018-19 Season Preview w/Special Guest, Alan Jenkins of Bulle

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

It's time for a trip to DC as we continue our season previews with the Washington Wizards. Tim Daniel sits down with Bullets Basketblog/Bullets Forever's Alan Jenkins. The guys touch on plenty of topics including:

02:55 The Wizards are..... interesting?

05:45 Marcin Gortat traded for Austin Rivers

08:00 Wizards building depth

09:55 John Wall's Super Max contract

12:30 Is Bradley Beal underrated?

15:42 Where do the Wizards stand amongst the Eastern Conference?

21:32 The Wizards wings situation

25:24 Dwight Howard comes to the nations capital

33:00 The Eastern Conference bottom feeders

34:40 Scott Brooks Wizards tenure, what do the Wizards need from him going forward?

38:04 Alan's bold prediction

Be sure to give Alan a follow @AJenks24


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