• Tim Daniel

48 Minutes Podcast: Houston Rockets 2018-19 Season Preview w/Special Guest, Nick Canizales of KCEN N

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

The Houston Rockets were the best team in the NBA last season however, a fluke CP3 injury going into Game 7 against the defending champs likely cost them the series. However, the Rockets are back (with the majority of their team intact) and returning guest, KCEN News Director, Nick Canizales joins Kyle Brandon & Tim Daniel to break down Houston's upcoming season. Topics include:

  • The Rockets heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Warriors

  • How important CP3 was to James Harden's MVP season

  • Re-Signing Chris Paul to a monster 4 year/$160M contract

  • Clint Capela re-signs with a 5 year/$90M deal

  • What does Carmelo Anthony bring to this squad?

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