• Tim Daniel

Shot Callers Podcast: Lakers/Rockets Brawl, Jimmy Buckets is Still Playing for the T-Wolves + the Ne

(Photo Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle)

After a crazy Week 1 in the 2018-19 NBA Season, Shot Callers is really excited to have SO MANY topics to discuss in this young season. Tim Daniel fills in for Kyle Brandon to discuss all things NBA so far including:

01:19 Lakers vs Rockets brawl and suspensions handed out

08:50 Jimmy Butler still plays for the Timberwolves

12:15 Over reactions of the week: Are the Pelicans this good? Are the Raptors the best team in the East? Are the Knicks a fun team?

23:00 Bad Twitter takes of the week: 20 year old Tatum > 20 year old LeBron, Markelle Fultz is not going to be good after just 17 NBA games, Josh Hart finishes at the rim like Kyrie Irving

36:00 How the new G league rule will effect NCAA Basketball


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