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48 Minutes Podcast: The Kings Are on Fire, the Thunder's Recent Struggles + The Lakers Will Be F

(Photo Courtesy of NBA.com)

48 Minutes is jam packed this week with tons of Week 1 NBA discussion! Join Sean Mackey and Tim Daniel as they discuss the following:

01:03 the Rondo and Paul fight was..... Good for the NBA?

06:41 Should we be concerned with the Thunder?

10:45 The Sacramento Kings hot start

12:55 Are the Nuggets for real?

16:35 Are we at the end of Kemba Walker in Charlotte?

20:00 Even with a winless start, the Lakers will be fine.

23:55 Zach LaVine is on a tear!

29:16 the 48 Minutes blunder of the week.... the Heat can't spell Dwyane Wade's name

33:00 We want Jimmy Butler in Philly.

35:35 Caris LeVert has been awesome.


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