• Tim Daniel

At Large Bid Podcast: Bracket Talk w/Special Guest, Kerry Miller of Bleacher Report

(AP Photo/James Crisp)

For the first time ever, At Large Bid has a guest!

Ryan and Tim are joined by Bleacher Report's Kerry Miller to discuss all things College Hoops including:

  • Is this the end of Kansas's 14 Year Reign as winners of the Big 12?

  • Are the Kentucky Wildcats good enough to win it all?

  • Is Chris Mack the Coach of the Year?

  • Is Michigan St in trouble?

  • Mid Major's to keep an eye on

  • How many teams can actually win it all?

Be sure to give Kerry a follow on Twitter @kerrancejames

Thanks to Pure Noise Records and State Champs for allowing At Large Bid to use the song "Crystal Ball".


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