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Shams: Derrick Rose signs 1-year, $2.1 million contract with Cavaliers

Per Shams Charania, former MVP, Derrick Rose will sign a one year $2.1 million deal to join the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose had also been considering the Los Angeles Lakers. Rose averaged 18 points and 4.4 assists per game for the New York Knicks in a season that once again ended with a knee injury in early April.

Twenty four days into July and Derrick Rose finally gets a contract! Even a complete D-Rose skeptic like myself thought he would surely get a deal within the first two weeks of free agency but nah. Six years removed from leading the Chicago Bulls to the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and winning the MVP, Rose finds himself signing for the veteran's minimum.

For a guy I personally once called my favorite player, Derrick Rose's legacy will be forever tarnished due to the incessant knee surgeries and some truly disturbing rape allegations. I'm happy D-Rose found a contract, but watching him team up with LeBron is one of the more surreal things I'll ever witness as an NBA fan. With the uncertainty of Kyrie Irving's future looming over the Cavs, here's hoping his body holds up for one last Eastern Conference Finals appearance this Spring....his first in seven years.


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