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Forbes: NBA 2K18 New Community-Created '2K Rosters' Twitter Account Will Highlight Custom Co

"Their feedback and participation are a big reason the franchise has reached its current heights. As the release date of NBA 2K18 nears, members of the custom-content sub group have already put plans in motion for a tool to help fans and creators of the created rosters, players, etc.It's called 2K Rosters and it’s a new Twitter account designed to give fans an easy way to search for high-quality community-created content for NBA 2K18. That means created rosters, draft classes, teams, players and anything else 2K allows gamers to create and share."

Some pretty awesome news from our former guest, Brian Mazique (who is quickly becoming the go-to writer for NBA 2K updates). The NBA 2K series has only gotten better each year and we're getting to a point where it's a damn near perfect video game. There's always the constant bickering that the 2000 Indiana Pacers are not included but some of these 2K community guys have made some decent creations that can totally supplement that. Because of MyTeam, many of the player's names are already in the system so creating players such as Reggie Miller & Rik Smits isn't too much of a chore. Fingers crossed that a few more legends rosters will be officially included, but if not, this is a pretty great consolation prize.

NBA 2K18 will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on September 15th, 2017.


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