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48 Minutes Games: Windjammers Comes to PS4 and Vita August 29th

The fast-paced, top-down, flying disc game, Windjammers, originally released on the Neo Geo in 1994, is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a crossbuy title, on August 29th, digitally on the PlayStation Store.

The game, originally developed by Data East and published by SNK, with the port being developed by DotEmu, was announced back at PlayStation Experience 2016, and was playable for a brief time via a closed beta that ran from June 8th-June 12th of this year.

From a personal perspective, I took part in the closed beta for Windjammers, and have been salivating at the opportunity to play more. It being available on Vita is just an added bonus.

For more information on Windjammers, be sure to keep checking back with us at


Alex is the host of the 48 Minutes podcast, and can be found documenting what he screams at the sky here. If you dare to challenge him to a flying disc battle, add him on PSN at owl-x.

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