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Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz Release New Uniforms

As we continue to get closer to the season, teams are starting to release their new Nike uniforms almost by the day. The two latest to join in are the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz.

The Nuggets did go away from the powder blue look we have seen since Carmelo Anthony was in town—which was a bit of a shock—but the navy blue look is a really great look, and the baby blue outline of the letters on the front of the jersey are a great touch. The Nuggets also will be represented by Western Union which you can see on the top right of the Jerseys.

The Jazz, on the other hand, still continue to keep their Jazz logo and the same colors we have become familiar with. As the Jazz try to move on from Gordon Hayward and move to this new era, they still kept the classics. Let's be real, we all wanted those classic purples worn in the John Stockton & Karl Malone era. The Jazz will be sponsored by "5 for the Fight"

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