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Russell Westbrook signs 10 year extension with Jordan Brand

The hits just keep coming for Russell Westbrook. After an MVP season where he averaged a triple-double and carried the Thunder to the Western Conference Playoffs Westbrook has written a book on fashion, gained NBA star Paul George as a teammate, played NBA Jam on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and now signs a 10 year extension to stay with the Jordan brand for all of his in game shoes.

Russell Westbrook is among many great Jordan athletes in the NBA including Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, and Blake Griffin. Westbrook has become the guy for the brand though with his really unique PE's (Player exclusive) including his Jordan 30.5 model he wore this year which was a hybrid of the Jordan 30 and 31 series shoe. Westbrook has already donned the Jordan 32 set to come out later this year while touring the world.

This is not only a great move for Russell, but it's a great move for the Jordan brand to keep Westbrook under their roof while he continues to elevate his superstar image and continue to grow his "Why Not" motto we have seen on Jordan brand shoes and T-shirts.

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