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48 Minutes Games: WWE 2K18 Gameplay Trailer First Impressions

Earlier today, IGN shared the first gameplay trailer (above) for 2K and Yuke's upcoming installment in their WWE franchise, WWE 2K18. As noted back when the first screenshot was revealed, the new engine has been the breath of fresh air this series has sorely needed since moving under the 2K banner. While there are minor complaints—some long hair clipping through characters' entrance attire, or Shane McMahon's lifeless expression—the two-minute trailer shows promise that this year's release will be a Jinder Mahal-esque jump up the card.

The new lighting and shading mechanics have created a remarkable level of depth and detail, given the previous releases in the franchise. Entrances seem far more accurate to what is shown on weekly programming, and the backstage elements look to add to the much improved visuals. While taking until 2017 to get caught up to current-gen expectations is bit absurd, I'm excited that they finally made the jump in quality most everyone expected from the franchise after THQ's closure. While the trailer is limited in its scope, primarily showing entrance clips, some in-ring action, and backstage gameplay, the facelift alone could be enough to entice some of those who may still be straddling the fence.

The revealed roster for the game can be found in the links below: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

WWE 2K18 releases October 17th (Early access for Deluxe Edition pre-orders begins October 13th) on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For more information as it's released, keep coming back to


Alex is the host of 48 Minutes. He is also running out of excuses to not purchase this game. Follow him on Twitter as he ponders life's meaning, and shares photos of his dog.

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