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48 Minutes Games: Just How Good Would Five LeBrons Be?

Remember in the first run that LeBron James had in Cleveland where we made fun of the fact that he didn't have any teammates to play with, and he had to do everything himself? Well, thanks to the crew at 2K Sports, we were able to recreate that for LeBron James—by teaming him with four other LeBrons.

In this year's installment of the NBA 2K Franchise, LeBron James has five playable characters—All-time Cavaliers, All-time Heat, Current Cavaliers, 07-08 Cavaliers, and 11-12 Heat. Now, they do have different player ratings as you see in the photo above, but they are a ridiculous powerhouse of a group, as one would expect LeBron cloning himself to form his own super team to be. I simulated a season in MyLeague on 2K,just to prove how dominant a team full of LeBrons can be. I did turn fatigue as low as possible, as well as injuries and foul outs off, to make it work, but below you will see how the season went month to month for the Cleveland LeBronvaliers.

Above is footage of Team LeBron taking on the Pacers played by yours truly.

October (7-0): Victories over the Celtics (104-94), the Bucks (100-98), the Magic (110-100), the Bulls (127-95), the Nets (115-103), the Pelicans (129-99), and the Knicks (145-105). As you can see, they were not taking any prisoners to start this season. Although teams like the Bucks and the Magic really gave them a run for their money, at the end of the day the LeBrons were just too much.

November (13-2): Victories over the Pacers (75-59), Wizards (121-84), Hawks (109-73), Bucks (120-101), Rockets (115-81), Mavericks (119-70), Knicks (128-93), Hornets (112-94), Clippers (115-97), Pistons (122-89), Hornets (136-109), 76ers (99-81), and Hawks (101-92). With losses to the Nets(?!) (111-94), and the Heat (129-123). There were a few hiccups this month, as you can see. LeBron just didn't have his A-game in Brooklyn. Apparently his clones didn't either.

December (9-2): Victories over the Grizzlies (108-88), Bulls (109-69), Kings (137-108), Pacers (139-99), Hawks (109-92), Lakers (112-83), Jazz (110-106), Wizards (108-96), Bulls (130-103), Warriors (113-105), Kings (118-103), and Jazz (128-86). The losses came at the hands of the 76ers (109-105) and the Bucks (117-108)

A few things stand out about this month: The LeBrons faced off against the NBA's youth movement between Sacramento, Philly, and the Lakers, where we saw someone push the Cavs and manage some wins. Also, the Christmas Day special versus the Warriors was a very competitive game that saw Classic Heat LeBron take the game over to lead his team to victory.

Going into the new year, the team is looking at a solid record of 29-4 and no one is even close to them in the East. They also own every forward position in the top 5 of All-Star voting.

January (12-2): Wins over the Blazers (113-105), Magic (126-84), Wolves (107-93), Raptors (150-99), Warriors (116-92), Thunder (128-124), Spurs (117-92), Pacers (110-86), the Pistons in back to back games (109-77 and 119-100), and Heat (113-84). To go with losses to the Celtics (108-98), and the Magic (97-88).

Kyrie got his revenge on the Cleveland organization, and the Magic once again steal a victory. The Thunder's new super trio gave the James Gang a huge battle, and the Warriors take a season sweep from their Eastern Conference rivals. It's safe to assume that LeBron and company definitely subtweeted after that game.

February (9-1): The Rockets got the best of the Cavs to start the month (124-105), but that was all they needed to get back to their winning ways with victories over the Magic (136-101), Wolves (101-97), Hawks (97-62), Celtics (142-89), Thunder (117-92), Wizards (121-93), Grizzlies (132-131), Spurs (127-91), and the Nets (122-101).

With two months left at 50-7, the Cavs finish the last two months with a 20-2 showing to end the season at 73-9.

How did the Awards play out, you might ask?

Lebron of the NBA Champion Heat team takes home the MVP with a Triple Double season and a ridiculous 3-point FG%.

The other Heat LeBron character takes home his first career DPOY award, while the two star LeBrons bring home First Team All-NBA honors.

Then came the postseason. Instead of giving you the game-by-game update, here's how it played out.

Chris Paul and James Harden managed to lead the Rockets past the almighty Warriors to get into a battle they weren't ready for. The LeBronvaliers were cooking through the bizarro Eastern Conference playoffs that saw the Knicks make it and the 76ers snag the fourth seed. One thing was certain. LeBron, LeBron and LeBron were not going to let this finals slip away as they all individually have seen in years past.

The Rockets pulled off game 1 in close fashion, but that was all they could do as LeBron lead every version of himself to the a four-win run after that, winning by an average margin of 17.4 PPG to bring Cleveland their second title in three years, and bring LeBron his 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th title of his career.

So there you have it. Thanks to the freedom of NBA 2K, we have now seen what life would be like if LeBron was able to play with many versions of his younger self throughout his NBA career. It'd be just like the first time he played in Cleveland anyway.

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