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Opinion: Warriors Aren't Bad for the NBA

Let it be known before you read more into this article, I hate the Golden State Warriors. If you've only heard our show once, or listen every week, I have never hidden this feeling.

I don't hate that they play beautiful basketball, or that they signed Kevin Durant, or even that they wiped the floor with the Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals. I do, however, hate how they toot their own horn, how it is perceived Steph Curry is, "humble", and I hate how people love Draymond Green but hated Dennis Rodman. With that said, even with all of their annoyances, and all the hype that goes into the Steve Kerr lead team, I have to ask: Why do people say they are bad for Basketball?

Trust me, I get it. As the resident Cavs fan of the team, I really don't enjoy seeing the Warriors run through the league all the way to June. But, that doesn't make me think they're bad for the league. Some NBA fans seem to play up this idea that the Warriors built this super team out of spite. That they are only good because of their core four players of Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green. While no team can currently compete with that group by any means, I think people really underestimate how well coached they are.

Steve Kerr has been an outstanding coach in his time in the Bay. We saw Luke Walton step in when Kerr had to step away from health concerns, and later become the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. We have seen Mike Brown step in and actually not screw up game plans and keep them disciplined and executing well enough to continue their domination.

What else really jumps out about the Warriors organization—aside from the coaching—is they don't make bad transactions. Like, ever. I don't really think Zaza Pachulia is that good of a player, but getting the production they have out of guys like JaVale McGee, or making a move like in the second round of this years' draft to buy Jordan Bell's draft rights from the Chicago Bulls (F*** you, GarPax), and even adding Nick "Swaggy P" Young to their already good bench to go along with guys like Andre Iguadola and Shaun Livingston shows they know they are well managed as they are coached. Did I even mention that Omri Casspi is a guy who can give KD a few minutes off too?

The Warriors will win the title this year, I'd love to be here and confidently say that LeBron will lead the Cavs to their second title in three years, and his fourth of his career, but even with all the players that Cleveland has brought in, it's still not enough to get past the almighty Warriors. They are on their way to becoming the most dominant NBA team ever...and that isn't much fun but that doesn't mean it's bad they have become the league's model franchise.


Tim hates the Warriors, so be sure to watch him explode on Twitter every time they win here.

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