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48 Minutes Podcast: Brooklyn Nets 2018-19 Season Preview w/Special Guest, Anthony Puccio of Nets Dai

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The Brooklyn Nets are finally free from the disastrous trade that sent a ridiculous amount of draft picks to Boston for Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce.To talk Nets hoops, Tim Daniel is joined on this episode by Nets Daily's Anthony Puccio. Anthony is making his first appearance on the pod since the Corner 3 days and we discuss all things Nets including:

  • The Nets financial situation

  • D'Angelo Russell taking the next step

  • Are the Nets in play for Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler?

  • What Kenneth Faried brings to this Nets team

  • How close was Anthony preparing for covering Dwight Howard every day?

  • Jason Kidd's impact on the Nets franchise (as a player)

Be sure to follow Anthony on twitter @APOOCH

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