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48 Minutes Podcast: Fred Hoiberg Fired, The History of GarPax & The Current Outlook of Tanking T

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

Fred Hoiberg has been relieved of his duties as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls and wouldn't you know, the Bulls are still an absolute disaster of a franchise. But hey, keep selling that merch.

Tim and Sean are coming to you a day early to have their Bulls Festivus and air their grievances about the franchise they're maybe starting to fall out of love with.

  • Fred Hoiberg gets fired, the history of GarPax, and do the Bulls have hope? (02:22-34:42)

  • Bad trade rumor of the Week: The AD to the Lakers package (34:52-47:25)

  • The Tank Effect (47:32-01:02:31)

Thanks to NBA Jam's Tim Kitzrow for the introduction and to Mega Ran for allowing 48 Minutes to use the song "48 Minutes"

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