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48 Minutes Podcast: Kevin Durant's Devastating Injury, Game 6 Preview + AD Trade Rumors Heat Up

(Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

Sean Mackey is back guys! Sean returns after a 3 week hiatus and and the best possible time. We are down to Game 6 of the NBA Finals and also everything else happened in the NBA today too. Listen along as Tim and Sean dive into:

  • Game 5 and the Warriors Escape of Toronto

  • Kevin Durant's Unfortunate (Possibly Career Altering) Injury

  • Game 6 Preview and Predictions

  • Kyrie Irving Partners with Roc Nation

  • AD to the Lakers Heating Up?

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Thanks to NBA Jam's Tim Kitzrow for the introduction and to Mega Ran for allowing us to use the song "48 Minutes".

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