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Hoops Cinema Podcast: Space Jam (1996)

(Photo Courtesy of NME)

Hey everyone and welcome to the first ever episode of Hoops Cinema, 48 Minutes Network's Basketball Movie Podcast hosted by Sean Mackey.

For our debut episode of Hoops Cinema we decided we had to start with the Citizen Kane of Michael Jordan movies, Space Jam!

Throughout this episode you will hear us break down the film, discuss the soundtrack, give interesting facts and give our final score of the movie itself. If you're a fan of this show, please be so kind to subscribe to the 48 Minutes Network for all of our weekly Basketball episodes and more episodes of Hoops Cinema in the future! Also, please be so kind to give us a nice review on your podcast provider of choice!

So without further ado, Lace up your Space Jam sneakers, get your pop corn and come on and Slam! and Welcome.... to the Jam!

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