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Shot Callers - Joe Micucci from Farfromit.

On this weeks episode, Kyle is joined by Joe Micucci from the band Farfromit. They discuss Farfromit.'s new EP Creamsicle as well as the following topics:

(7:00) Being a Pacers fan in Indianapolis

(31:00) Andre Drummond & the weak 2020 free agency class

(37:00) The Orlando Magic

(45:00) College Basketball, Vegetarian food, and Robo Cop

(53:00) Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin, and Lance Stephenson out of the league.

(1:04) Eastern Conference Playoffs talk

(1:21) Creamsicle by Fromfromit.

Big thanks to Farfromit. and Delayed Gratification Records for letting us use the song Creamsicle on this episode. Make sure you head over to Spotify or Apple Music, and give it a listen.

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