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48 Minutes Podcast: News Roundup + Central Division Preview

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

To quote the great David Lee Roth: I heard you missed us, we're back!

This episode begins our 4th season here on the 48 Minutes Network covering NBA Basketball and we are so excited to bring this episode to you. On this week's episode Tim and Sean touch on a ton of NBA News and also preview the Central Division of the Eastern Conference.

05:46 Olympic Soft Verbal Commits for 2020

15:34 Ninjaband Ban by the NBA

20:11 Kevin Durant vs the World

25:08 WNBA Recap

28:44 NBA Central Division Preview

49:08 Central Division Predictions

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Thanks to NBA Jam's Tim Kitzrow for the introduction and to Mega Ran for allowing us to use the song "48 Minutes"

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