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@Large Bid/48 Minutes Podcast: Final Mock Draft, CP3 to Phoenix, Schröder to the Lakers, Harden to B

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With the NBA Draft, Trades, Free agency and the NCAA Season about to begin, there is a lot to discuss right now in Basketball.

So this week, @ Large Bid & 48 Minutes are coming together to record a super episode.

In the @ Large Bid portion of the show, Taylor and Tim discuss the NCAA Tournament potentially being held in the Indianapolis area, they then finish out their mock draft and also do a preview of the Big East and Big Ten Conferences

On 48 Minutes, Tim and Sean discuss the Dennis Schoreder and Chris Paul trades, James Harden wanting to leave Houston, Where the Rockets could trade Westbrook and Harden, and lastly, what should the Bulls do with Zach LaVine.

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