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48 Minutes Basketball Network Announces Two New Shows

by Tim Daniel

Cincinnati- 48 Minutes Basketball Network is announcing two new podcasts on their regular feed.

First, Trentyn Flowers, a consensus top 25 player in the 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball recruiting class, will join the 48 Minutes Basketball Network with Tim Daniel to host "Tim Daniel and the Prince of Hoops Podcast". Trentyn will give his thoughts on current Basketball and discuss the life of a top prospect giving you insight into what visits are like, what his workouts entail, and why he is debating the schools he is considering for his NCAA career.

Secondly, @ Large Bid Host Parker Fields and 48 Minutes Basketball Network host, Tim Daniel will be hosting a weekly NBA Draft Podcast recording on Wednesdays. Each week the two will discuss three prospects to give their thoughts on where they are currently projected, what they can bring to the NBA, and whether they can see their stock moving.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts @48MinutesNTWRK for more info in the coming weeks.

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