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48 Minutes Podcast: Award Predictions + Would You Rather Win the Chip or the Draft Lottery This Year

(Photo Courtesy of Liberty Ballers)

This week on 48 Minutes Podcast, Tim and Sean discuss preseason impressions, award predictions, whether you'd rather win the championship this season or the NBA Draft Lottery + when will LeBron break the scoring title this year?

(1:47) pre season impressions

Award Predictions

(9:01) Most Improved Player

(13:06) Defensive Player of the Year

(19:48) Sixth Man of the Year

(22:41) Rookie of the Year

(26:31) MVP

(35:07) What point in the season does LeBron James become the leagues all-time leading scorer?

(44:41) would you rather win the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery or the 2023 NBA Championship?

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