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Kevin Durant Deserves Better

You know what I really enjoy the most about Kevin Durant?

Itʼs not the fact that heʼs the best scorer in the game, or that heʼs a future Hall of Famer and itʼs not even the fact that he is a proven winner.

My favorite thing about Kevin Durant is that ever since he became a member of the Golden State Warriors he has done everything he can to show heʼs relatable and show that at the end of the day, he is truly human.

Now when we say relatable we donʼt mean we all are debatably 7ʼ0 tall, can score from any where on the court and have made two extremely clutch shots to keep LeBron James from winning NBA titles. Itʼs that Durant has done Bill Simmons podcast multiple times to show his conversation, that he loves his job as a professional athlete and really that heʼs willing to discuss things some may view as mistakes.

This guy admitted to having a burner twitter account for god sakes! Durant has discussed in the past liking to drink beer and play video games. Thatʼs something we all understand, right?

Kevin Durant has done everything in his power to show heʼs human and unfortunately on Monday night in the second quarter of game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals, we saw that Durant is in fact as human as us.

According to multiple reports, Durant has suffered a serious Achilles injury. The same injury that Kobe Bryant, Dominique Wilkins and even his Warriors teammate DeMarcus Cousins have all suffered and has jeopardized his chances at playing in the 2019-20 NBA season. Now for the last 3 NBA seasons we have a society have honestly been really shitty to Durant for his decision to sign with the best team in the world when in hindsight, Durant went to play where he was wanted and had friends welcoming him with open arms.

Heʼs been called a snake, a cupcake by a fanbase of a franchise he brought to relevance, a coward and I can only imagine what else shows up in his Twitter mentions. I always appreciated that Durant isnʼt afraid to defend himself to anyone online of any age group. I appreciated that Durant is open that things people say about him bother him, like it would most human beings. Kevin Durant has won back to back NBA Finals and back to back NBA Finals MVP awards. I think that alone should justify his decision to be a member of one of Professional Sports finest Franchises.

Now, after all the hell that fans have handed KD, he now is looking at the very high possibility he will be missing a year of his prime due to a horrible injury that people cheered! This is a player who doesnʼt even know where heʼll be playing Basketball for the rest of his career and will discuss his future with teams knowing that he is facing an injury that takes 10-12 months to recover from.

At the end of the day we learned that Kevin Durant is human, and honestly, it sucks. Durant is a talent we are yet to see in the NBA and we as a society couldnʼt even enjoy him because he made the decision he felt was best for his career...... Like anyone who is human would.

Tim Daniel is the host of 48 Minutes and At Large Bid on the 48 Minutes Network. If you wanna talk hoops with Tim, you should give him a follow on Twitter @TimDaniel518

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